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"Quantum Electric" Onyx

399.63zł 420.05zł Ex Tax: 324.90zł

The ceramic-carbon heating panel is designed to make your life more comfortable. The ceramic-carbon heating panel is our best recommendation for heating rooms, which are in need of an effective heating source or if you want to create additional comfortable and reasonably priced warmth in your own home with the unique design and charm.


Our scientist was discovered a new method for obtaining thermal energy from electric energy: 100% of the electrical energy used is converted into heat output. This allows you to heat a large area of room with a lower cost. Because the panel does not contain metal parts, it does not overheat! Surface temperature is 75 °C, is controlled by a special sensor. This method of security guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the panel even then when there is no one at home! You can safely leave the appliances unattended.

Unique design

Thanks to a wide range of color solutions, you have the opportunity to choose the panel corresponding to the design of the room in which it will be installed. The panel  fits well in the living room or bedroom. Especially for your convenience, it is possible to place the panel on the wall or on the floor (using special stands).

Taking care of your health

The ceramic-carbon part made from natural substances, when heated they guarantee providing optimal temperature and humidity. Clean heat – no noise, no smell, no condensation, no oxygen consumption, no unpleasant dust swirling. The main advantage of the ceramic-carbon heating panel among other heaters is that oxygen is not burned in the room, which, in turn, has a positive effect on your health and the health of your family!


The ceramic-carbon heating panel has been designed in such a way that when performing the basic function of heating, it also serves as the object of the design of the room. Due to convenient and reliable mounting brackets, you can hide all the wires behind the panel so that they do not fall on your eyes. If desired, you can also hide the panel by placing it on special stands behind plants or furniture.

Powierzchnia ogrzewanej przestrzeni up to 6 sq.m (15 cub.m)
Zużycie energii ±200 W
Klasa efektywności energetycznej A++
Zasilanie AC 220+250 V / 50+0.5 Hz
Temperatura powierzchni no more 75°С
Wydajność grzewcza 400 — 450 cal/hour
Rozmiar panelu 600mm х 300mm х 20mm
Waga 7 kg
Długość kabla 1.2 m
Gwarancja 7 year
Żywotność 35 year
Zawartość opakowania Panel, wall fasteners, documentation

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